Twitter Wars!

First and foremost, I would like to point out that I have just recently gotten back into watching wrestling since roughly around last year when it was announced that The Rock was back for 2011’s Wrestlemania event. I had been checking in to see what he was doing on the shows and have been tuning in pretty much since.

The Grammy awards took place this year, awarding Chris Brown one as well as showcasing him in two performances throughout the night. At this point (and ever since), Twitter was all the rage to voice your opinions against or for the Chris Brown love fest that took place. Celebs from Miranda Lambert, Michelle Branch, and Wil Wheaton were among the many who openly questioned the lovefest that was going on. Chris Brown then responded by saying something to the effect of “Hate all you want because I have a Grammy now. The Ultimate F off!” which was deleted quickly.  Soon after, the trend tag #RIPChrisBrown started going and yadda yadda yadda. Things kind of fizzled out with it until WWE Champion, CM Punk Retweeted “Last Word of the subject: on a blog last night “Think Chris Brown would be at Grammys if he’d beaten the S out of Taylor Swift?” #hmmmm” and then tweeted “I would like @ChrisBrown fight somebody that can defend themselves. Me curbstomping that turd would be a #wrestlemania moment.” to which Chris Brown tweeted back about CM Punk being all steroided out and so on. CM Punk posted a video response to Chris addressing the steroid accusation as well as a fight challenge below…

For now, I think this ends the little twitter war, but on to my thinking about this…

Why is it that CM Punk is really the only person who has called him out on it? Even after 3 years or so, people were clapping and cheering him on at the Grammy awards like nothing ever happened. The common defense for Brown is that “he made a mistake and it happened 3 years ago”. Uh? A mistake? Losing your temper and hitting Rihanna maybe once could possibly be played off as a mistake, but repeatedly punching her in the face, arms, legs, biting her, and trying to choke her unconscious is hardly a mistake. The length of time that has passed since the incident is irrelevant, period! So people think that 3 years is enough time for savagely beating a female to just go away? The picture is still online of Rihanna’s face that looked like she went 5 rounds with a UFC champion. And so what if Rihanna has reconciled with Chris Brown. The fact of the matter is that women get beaten like this all over the world! Not just Rihanna. Some don’t even live to have the opportunity to decide wether they want to forgive and forget the incident.

In closing, I have found a greater respect for CM Punk as well as the WWE for not squashing this twitter war. Somebody of some kind of notoriety needed to openly call out Chris Brown on his actions and I’m glad that it has taken place. Great video reply by CM Punk. His thing on WWE television is that he is the Voice of the Voiceless and this proves it!

NOTE: This is most likely the only time I will write about CHRIS BROWN on The Chatterbox Blog… unless he decides to man up for a CM Punk fight!


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