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Spoiler Alert

Welcome back again, friends. Chatterbox here to raise awareness to a serious topic… I’m talking about spoiler alerts. When is the appropriate time to talk about a movie without feeling guilty for spoiling a movie? For new releases, it’s not cool to go see it on opening Friday and start telling about it the next day. I think for new releases, 2 weeks is plenty. If you happen to mention that you’re going to see it at the dollar theatre or on dvd, then you’re fair game to have your movie spoiled.

I had a friend go see Marley & Me¬†when it came out in theatres and came back the next day and said “Oh my gosh, it was sooo sad!” For me, I knew EXACTLY what happens in the movie and ended up not seeing it until we bought it on Black Friday. It was a cute movie, but there is no need to shell out 20 bucks for 2 tickets to see a movie that you’ve already heard the story. Had somebody done this to me for the Saw movies, I would have been irate! Anyway, let’s open this up for discussion. When’s a good time to say when on spoilers?

Save Room 4 Love,