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Why so serious?!?

Welcome back to The Chatterbox Blog. Today, I discuss why I dislike 80% of the gamer population.

First off, I play video games so I guess that makes me a “gamer”. For me, the more violent the better. This is not a reflection of my real life disposition, but I feel that video games are an escape from reality so why not? If you could chainsaw your buddy in half and still have him there to talk about it, you’d do it right? Right? RIGHT?

I have a problem with the majority of the gamer population because they are a different breed of scumbag. You’ll have everything from people modifying their controllers for an advantage or quitting the game early just because they are on the losing end of things. The worst is the people who will actually try to contact you regarding in game play, which is why we’re here today.

Last night, I was playing a few rounds of Gears of War 3 Multiplayer online in a mode called “Team Deathmatch”. The object of the game is that your team collectively starts with 15 “respawns” before 1 final spawn and then you or the opposing team loses the round. The rounds are played as best of 3 or first to 2. In this instance my teamate got “downed” which basically means he was killed, but not quite dead (lol). Before he was “downed”, he “downed” one of the opposing team’s players. I ran over to him, finished off the guy who he had “downed” and picked him up and ended up winning the round. Yippee! Hooray! Right? The next round, we ended up losing so it was tied up 1 to 1 and then we played through the final round and won the match. The end. As the next match loads I get a message from Mr. Duddie1984 and it sounds a little like this…

“You’re such a b****, taking my kill before you come over there to try to revive my a**. Go f*** yourself you f*****.

Classy, right? Usually I go about my merry way, but I decided to entertain him for a few, so I sent a reply.

Please quit crying. You were unable to get the job done, so Daddy had to step in and hold your hand. Actually, they give out “post game awards” for having the most kills “stolen” (it’s called an assist) and judging by your gamerscore, you need all the help you can get. I understand that, but crying will get you nowhere, buddy. Remember, it’s JUST a game.

So now this guy sends back 2 voicemessages.

Whatever f*****, you obviously need my kills if you’re stealing them and I’m not crying. Stop being a b**** and get your own kills.

Oh and why would you not even get me back up but instead run over and steal my kill? It’s because you’re a p**** a** f** b****. Go f*** yourself.

Again, very classy. I love the speak of gamers when they’re getting mad so why not egg him on some more. I got one more in me before going to bed.

Ok so I’m not a doctor, but I think that 2nd message sounded like crying. I’m almost positive the 3rd one was crying. To be honest Duddie, I didn’t get you up because you would have stolen my kill (lol). I really don’t need much help playing Gears of War 3, but I’ve noticed you’re only in Act 1 of the campaign. Maybe you should go back to playing it since you’re clearly not ready to play online with adults. Your language tells the story there. Now if you don’t mind, its past my bed time. I have a long, busy day of being awesome ahead of me. You should probably rest up as well. Crying takes alot out of somebody. Goodnight! Remember that it’s just a game.

In closing, I try to be a courteous “gamer”, but sometimes people test my patience and then I need to let them have it. If you’re ever online with me, please be courteous back and we’ll be okay!

Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)