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Inspire Me! (Random Thoughts part 3)

Welcome back, friends to another edition of my random thoughts here on The Chatterbox Blog!

So I’m now labeling my Random Thoughts with a subject rather than just Random Thoughts. Somebody told me that even if I have a blog following, viewers like to know kind of what to expect rather than “I like to eat hot sauce n my eggs.” I guess it’s a valid point. Nobody is going to get excited or “inspired” for something like that. So let’s try a different approach!

I’ve been noticing alot lately that certain kinds of foods are affecting the way my body works for the day. For instance, I’ve been eating quite a bit of fast food lately and I can feel a difference in how my body is responding. I’ve been sluggish and in a state of mind to procrastinate (hence the lack of blog posts and graphic design work I’ve been sharing). Today, I willed myself to wake up a little early and prepare a nice Greeney salad with Tuna topping it. So far so good. I feel energized and excited at the possibility to put a stamp on the end of my day! I will touch base with more of my food experimenting in future blogs.

I labeled this entry as “Inspire Me!” because I have been feeling uninspired with things lately and am having a hard time coming up with inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. I have tons of wonderful starter ideas, but have been struggling to find the motivation to act on them. What the heck is my problem?

In closing of this entry, I’d like to reach out for inspiration. The best comments, twitter replies, or e-mails will be posted here and I’ll write about each one! In the mean time, I’m going to keep searching as well. Be sure to follow me on twitter (if you aren’t already) @_The_Chatterbox. Hey! I recently hit 100+ followers! That should be reason enough for inspiration, right? Of course it is! Until next time…


Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)