Blog Updates!

Hey there! Chatterbox Brad checking in to give my readers some updates as to what really goes on in the life of a Chatterbox. Let’s get to it…

1) Coming very soon, I’ll be doing Youtube videos!

That’s right! Youtube videos! You can pre-subscribe before my first posts by going to and clicking ‘subscribe’. I’ve recently got a workspace set up in my house to where I can now do some airbrush work and I would like to post some videos online and hopefully get some offers on my work. Contrary to what Jessie J would say “It’s all about the uh cha-ching cha-ching and all about the yeah, ba-bling ba-bling” lol kidding, but I may auction some off for various projects and fund-raisers. I’m actually working on a Jessie J pic to airbrush as of this time! Cool! Also in the works are some Joker, Harley Quinn, Captain America, Lady Gaga, and more! Aside from airbrushing, I’ll have some other things too… I just have to see how things go.

2) is live! and running… somewhat!

I’ve purchased my website and have started posting various items at… just it seems as though news is slow at the moment. Along with that, I’m not sure how to edit a wordpress account at the time, so things look a little messy. Does anybody know how and want to help? As far as news goes, with Toyfair taking place this past weekend,I’ll be posting some items in the near future. Stay tuned!

3) Various other projects!

There are alot of other little things going on right now that are keeping me busy. My daughter, Zoe is 4 years old today! My wife and I are throwing her a “Tangled” theme birthday party this weekend and we’re both making cakes to serve our large family. My wife (Amber) is making a Rapunzel doll/dress cake and I am making the Rapunzel tower. As I’m doing it, I may just have to make some videos to share my fun and frustration (NOTE: I’m not a cake baker/decorator/etc. I’m artistic and willing to do most anything for my daughter). I’ll be sure to post the results here.

We’re still storing away money for our trip to Disneyland this October. I don’t even think my daughter knows how awesome it’ll be for her. Currently what we’ve been doing is saving change and loose dollars left over at the end of each week, but as the better weather comes, we plan on doing some garage sales, etc. to further build up some cash. From there comes planning!

I’ll also be customizing some toys and putting videos on my youtube cannel. I plan on doing anything and everything from action figures, to Barbie dolls, to full sculpting and painting!

I’m sure there are other things I’ve got going on, but I’m forgetting things at the moment. Be sure to ‘follow me’ here and on twitter @Chatterbox4REAL and ‘subscribe’ to my youtube channel by going to and clicking the subscribe button. Thanks for reading and see ya soon!

Save, Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)


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Husband, Father, Digital Photographer, Graphic and Web Designer, Cartoonist, and CSR to the greatest Sports Car Course in the World! I love movies, movie quotes, music, music lyrics, Halloween, Christmas, camping, outdoor activities, traveling, long walks on the beach, and puppies! :D

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