Time for 2012!

Happy 2012 everybody! It’s good to be back after a decent sized layoff from Chatterbox Blogging. I look to be getting back into the full swing of things in the near future, but I want to share my joy from the end of 2011 and my big plans for 2012!

Christmas was amazing (as expected). My daughter had such a big day and unwrapped so many new toys for Daddy to play with. My family added to my A Christmas Story village, and I got the most precious ornament ever (I’ll update with a video soon). It’s a plastic Christmas Tree ornament and when I pushed the little button on the back, there was a little voice that plays and it says “Merry Christmas, Daddy!”… it was my girl’s little voice. How precious! Remember how I said the Ninja Turtles Dueling Dudes was my best Christmas gift ever? Yeah, it’s been replaced.  Best… Christmas… Ever!

In closing, 2011 brought many new things my way. I got in a full first year at my new job with Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, I replaced my DSLR camera that was stolen this past summer, Zoe is finally 100% accident free potty trained, and we bought Family Season Passes to the Columbus Zoo which turned out to be a GREAT investment.

2012 looks to be gearing up for big time excitement as well! We’ve already been to Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream and had a blast and look to do some more special things this season. As far as resolutions go, I don’t really have one. I like to make daily resolutions and set goals for the year. Here goes…

1) Create a new Toy Review website 

This has already been completed. Kikzengiggles.com is up and running, but I am still making many adjustments to the site as I go. Look for many changes and hopefully some contests soon! Be sure to ‘follow’ on twitter @Kikzengiggles and ‘like’ us at facebook.com/Kikzengiggles

2) Take Zoe to see the Giraffes 

We have gone many times to the Columbus Zoo and each time, Zoe has been dying to see a Giraffe. There are no Giraffes at the Columbus Zoo. This year, we’re planning on taking her to either Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, or the Wilds so she can have an encounter with some Giraffes (her favorite animal). That is the first goal of the year.

3) Making wiser decisions when it comes to food & drink

In 2011, I ate waaaayyyy too much fast food and had waaaayyyy too many sugary sodas to drink. This year so far, I’ve had none and plan to keep it that way. This is not a resolution that I want to lose weight and fit into size 30 jeans. This is simply a goal for living a healthier life and getting some good old-fashioned energy back! Exercising may be in the future, but I’ve been feeling pretty great with changing some eating habits. So again, I’m not making this a resolution to “lose weight”, but more of a goal to live a healthier life.

4) Yoga

“May the force be with you!” Oh wait! Thats YODA. Yoga has been something that has interested me for the longest time. Not so much for the tight sweatpants and tiny mats, but from my understanding, Yoga helps with every day aches and pains. At 27 years of age, I have more of an irritating back ache, my ankle gets sore from time to time (depending on the weather), and every so often I get headaches from a soreness in my neck. I don’t believe this is how a 27 year old should feel, so I’m looking to change that this year as well. If anybody knows any good DVDs to get started with, please share!

5) A Puppy!

The deal in the house was that as soon as Zoe was accident free with her potty training and no longer needed pull ups, then we would get her a puppy. Naturally within a couple of weeks, she was accident free and transformed into a big girl… who wants her puppy! We’re currently seeking out the right batch of puppies! 😀

and lastly…

6) Disneyland!

I feel it is time to take little miss Zoe to Disneyland. We’re planning and saving for this trip so that we can go in October this year. If it was a simple trip to say we went, it would be no problem, but my goal is to save up enough for a loaded trip full of character visits, overloading on merchandise, and going and seeing some nice things in the area. This will take some time to save for, but we’re super excited and the anticipation is already building for Mommy and I.

So that pretty much wraps up our plans for 2012! If this year turns out to be our last year on the planet, then we’re going out with a party! Please leave a comment below. I’m excited to hear your plans for the year! Be sure to follow me on twitter @Chatterbox4REAL and @Kikzengiggles and check out Kikzengiggles.com!

Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)


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Husband, Father, Digital Photographer, Graphic and Web Designer, Cartoonist, and CSR to the greatest Sports Car Course in the World! I love movies, movie quotes, music, music lyrics, Halloween, Christmas, camping, outdoor activities, traveling, long walks on the beach, and puppies! :D

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