Extraordinary Merry Christmas part 3: My Most Memorable Gift

Welcome back for another one of my Christmas offerings. Today I want to talk about the most memorable gift I had ever received as a child.

For some people, they received Puppies, BB Guns, Bicycles, or even Cars but for me it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Duelin’ Dudes!

As you could tell, this is a repackaging of Rockem Sockem Robots decked out in Ninja Turtle form. How cool! Over the years, I’ve seen some pretty cool variations of this game like Terminator vs. T-1000, He-Man vs. Skeletor, Spongebob vs. Sandy (Karate Battle), and so on. This one was the coolest to a 7-year-old back in 1991.

I remember how it played out for me that Christmas like it was yesterday. Every day after school, I’d come home to watch a line up of cartoons with one of them being Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I believe my brother was more into them than I actually was, but they would play the commercial (posted above) during every break and the suspense of being able to ask for this for Christmas was building! As soon as it was time to sit down for writing a letter to Santa, I wrote that I really wanted this for Christmas. A couple of weeks later, I got a letter back from Santa saying how Santa may not be able to bring me this gift because of some unforseen circumstance (I can’t quite remember EXACTLY why). I remember feeling sad about it, but my world wasn’t over. I think I still held out hope that Santa would be bringing this for me. He would find a way to get it for me!

On Christmas morning, there were tons of gifts around the tree (as always) and we begin to dig in. One by one, I opened many great gifts and after unwrapping all of the gifts, I did not receive Duelin’ Dudes. I don’t think I was destroyed over this, but my Dad ended up staging a scene where he made quite a bit of commotion in my their bedroom for me to come in there and he was pulling a black garbage bag in from outside the window… Santa had left a gift outside. Sure enough, it was my Duelin’ Dudes! I was so excited and so happy! Some of the details may be a little exaggerated, but this is what I remember from about 20 years ago. Best… Christmas… Ever!

Sadly over time, the fun of Duelin’ Dudes came to an end. You need 2 people to play this game and my brothers or my parents weren’t as excited to own this as I was. They all had their own new toys, games, and gadgets to play with as well. Then, one of the arm mechanisms stopped working and eventually was trashed all together. I’d love to own one of these again just for display and an occasional round of fights when my wife insists on playing a game that only she can win.

Flash forward 20 years and I now have a little one of my own. She is only 3 this year, but I can tell the suspense for Santa’s arrival this Saturday night is reaching its max capacity. She’s still too little to know quite exactly that she wants a certain item for Christmas, but there some things she likes. She asked Santa this year for a Rapunzel (from the movie Tangled) doll and has mentioned to Mommy and I that she wants the Batcave (The new light up imaginext Batcave that lights up). This kid is not too picky at all when it comes to toys. She loves Rapunzel, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Puppies, Batman, Cars, Rudolph, Clifford, Thor, Toy Story and the list goes on and on and on with this kid. So at this point in our Christmas excursions, we have yet to have a Christmas Season where she asks for one item and one item that she puts all of her hope into for the season. Things are much easier these days than it was back when I was tiny. You can buy almost anything online these days. Can’t find Furby or Tickle Me Elmo? BAM! ebay for 5 to 10 bucks more than you would pay in store. Lalaloopsy dolls are popular this year… can’t find the one your kid wants? BAM! ebay for 10 bucks and it’ll be here in 3 days! Things weren’t as easy to come by as they are today. There were no websites for black friday ads, no cyber-monday sales, and definitely no ebay! Things were great for me growing up. I don’t ever remember being disappointed on Christmas day! Life was and still is pretty freaking awesome!

In closing, I am truly grateful that my Christmases were full of love and fun. I understand very well that I am very lucky to have had the privilege of having great Holidays that some kids never had the chance to have.

 I would love to hear your holiday memories… both good and bad. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a comment!

Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)


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