Disney’s Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice

Lanny and Wayne are at it again with ABC’s new half-hour special “Naughty vs. Nice” set to premiere December 5th!

The sequel to the original hit will feature a couple of new elves… including a member of the Coal Bucket Brigade; Wayne’s estranged brother Noel. Noel is called upon as the naughty child expert when the North Pole is hacked and their super top-secret information is compromised. This one looks to be a little more chaotic than the last one, but we’re totally looking forward to it in my house!

For me, Prep & Landing is a throwback to the Christmas Specials that were on when I was a kid. Growing up, all of our favorite cartoons had some kind of Holiday special… whether it was for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. These days, a lot of production companies aren’t even bothering to produce Christmas specials. I don’t know if they don’t make any money or what, but I’m certainly grateful that Disney keeps giving us installments of Prep & Landing.

Speaking of Prep & Landing…

Make sure you pick up the Prep & Landing DVD set to release on November 22nd. This features the original Prep & Landing special as well as the animated short, “Operation: Secret Santa”. There might be some special release giveaways with this one, but if not and you don’t want to pay $14.99 for it, then you can snag it from Toys ‘R’ Us on Black Friday for $9.99. Can’t really beat that for a quality Christmas Special. I think that wraps it up for this edition. Be sure to follow me on twitter @Chatterbox4REAL

Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)


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