That’s so “High School”!


Do you ever get the feeling that some people have never really gotten over High School? For some, it was the best of times. For others, it was the worst.

I was having a conversation with somebody a couple of weeks ago and the topic came up about how they like to creep on former classmates’ facebook and myspace pages. They creep not because they think somebody may have a hot swimsuit photo on there, but moreso to see how “successfull” these people have become… if they have families, great jobs, nice houses, dogs, etc. I gotta say, I appreciate some good petty behavior but I was a little irked by this. I kind of dropped the conversation after that.

High School for me was just kind of bleh. I wouldn’t consider myself one of the “popular” kids, but I wasn’t a door-mat either. I just felt like I had better things I could be doing with my time.

Just a couple weeks ago as well I was added to the group by a facebook friend to “You went to Madison Comprehensive High School if…” which raises a problem with me because how can people just include other people to a group. It makes me want to create a bunch of silly groups and add people to them. “Wow Mike, I didn’t know you’re a proud supporter of the Granny Panties club” or “Hey Yvonne, I didn’t know you LARPed. Awesome!” but I digress…

I read through some of the stuff and honestly, it doesn’t do much for me. One of my buddies posted about the Otis Spunkmyer cookies and can you guess what the fondest memory of THAT guy I have?

My wife (then girlfriend) was out and about driving on 546 (over by Bellville/Lexington) in a winding patch doing a little better than 5mph over the speed limit when a car zips across the double lines and goes around me to cut me off. On the way by, I decided to let road rage get the better of me and I flew the bird at him. Upon making eye contact with him, I noticed that it was Mr. Cookieman himself who had a young child in the front seat of his car as well. Essentially, I flipped off Mr. Cookieman and a Small Child. So now Mr. Cookieman is pissed slamming on his breaks trying to get me to rear end him and then ALSO flipping me off from behind his seat. Classy! At least you’re not letting your kid see how much of a maniac you are… if the passing me on a winding road wasn’t proof enough.

To say the least, it’s one of the last times I flew the bird in the car. I blame my mother entirely for it because she is a trained professional when it comes to road rage and freaking out.

In closing, I’m not bitter about High School. There really is nothing to be bitter about. I just don’t have time to waste reading people’s comments who I’m not friends with about how they were mean to a teacher back then and how they deserved it. In today’s time, we call that bullying so be very proud that you made substitute teachers cry. Until next time…

Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)


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