The Chatterbox Review: The Lion King in 3D

Good morning and welcome back to The Chatterbox blog. Over the weekend, my wife and I took our baby girl to check out The Lion King in 3D! I just thought I’d share a quick story.

The first time I saw The Lion King was in theatres back in 1994. I was about 10 years old and getting ready to go into the 5th grade. The movie was great, as I saw it through the eyes of the young cub, Simba. More of the humor related to me at that point in my life and it was also very saddening when Mufasa died (if you watched this as a kid and it didn’t make you sad, then you’ve probably grown up to be a rotten person).

Today I am 27 years old, married, with 1 small child. I was sitting there with Zoe on my lap (she’s too small to not be eated by the theatre chair lol) and relating more to Mufasa’s side of things rather than Simba’s. It was still sad for me to see Mufasa die, but I think it felt more emotional when Mufasa is talking to Simba after the Elephant Graveyard scene.

“I am only brave when I need to be. Being brave doesn’t mean that you go looking for trouble.”

The thing with Disney movies for me is that the stories are timeless. It doesn’t matter what characters are plugged into the scenarios, the stories are what keep you coming back. Toy Story would not have been “Toy Story” if it had been a story JUST about Toys. The main focus of the story is the relationship and/or bond between a child and a toy… the imagination used.

Too many animated features are focused soley on making money NOW. I highly doubt that 10 years from now, Shrek will be as popular or have the capabilities to bring in money as it does now. The same applies for alot of these movies that are generic remakes. Why do you think Toy Story just celebrated it’s 3rd successful movie, while nobody seems to remember Small Soldiers? My point exactly.

In closing, The Lion King will always be a part of my family. We will be bringing home the Blu Ray on October 4th and enjoy it again and again. Stay tuned for a review! Until next time…

Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)


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