Chatterbox Review: Gears of War 3

Marcus and the COGs are back in hopes to end the war…

Happy Friday everybody! Chatterbox here with a review on the latest and (possibly) last installment in the war between the humans and locust.

*NOTE: I have included no campaign spoilers, so you’re safe.*

A cool little feature that was added to the game (Beta Testers have already seen this) is that you can now customize your weapon skin for multiplayer play. These can be won through certain tasks in game or purchased on xbox live. As if it isn’t bad enough to be blasted by a Kantus hiding around a corner, he now has a pink or flowery gun to delivery the blow. Ouch!

Also with this addition to the Gears of War series, there are now Avatar Awards that you can win with these items. If you complete the campaign on any difficulty, you can earn a Marcus Fenix bandana. If you complete the first few waves of Beast Mode, you earn a Locust Drone Mask (perfect to dress your Avatar up for Halloween). Finally, if you complete the first 10 waves of Horde 2.0, you earn a shirt (guy or girl) with the Locust symbol and “For The Horde” written on it. Pretty cool considering most shirts average around 200 MS points. Onto the game play…

Versus Mode

Some small changes have been made and it all works out pretty well for this release. Annex and King of the Hill have been merged into 1 (nobody voted for King of the Hill in Gears 2 so why bother). If you’re looking to rack up some serious kills, then this is the gametype for you. They have also added Team Deathmatch (Thank you, Epic!!!) to where your team is allocated a certain number of lives and then a final spawn after your team’s number has been eliminated. This gives the gamer a better chance at redemption (or more opportunities to go out and die again) if they’ve been spawn killed or “sponged” to death. The only real change to Capture the Leader is that instead of Hoffman and Skorge, you’re trying to capture Prescott or Myrrah and you don’t have to drag them back to a designated ring in order to start the countdown timer.

Horde 2.0

The popular game mode is back and revamped for action! In Gears 2, you wouldn’t see Boomers or Bloodmounts until Wave 9 or 10, but they come into play alot sooner than expected. Wave 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 are Boss rounds which still have the rest of the Locusts, but add in a Corpser, Brumak, or Berzerker-double to the mix. To put it simply… that shit is BANANAS (B-A-N-A-N-A-S)! Also in this mode, you have to earn money (points) by racking up kills in order to buy weapons and barriers. This is great for me because I’ve joined a couple rounds where some jerkoff runs and grabs all the frag grenades, boomshot, and torque bow and then camps out by them once he runs out of ammo. Terrible. This way, you have to atleast participate in order to buy the weapons. Great job, Epic! (Note: Horde Waves do include somewhat of a storyline/character spoiler if you haven’t played through the campaign)

Beast Mode

When I heard about Beast Mode, I thought I was going to need a lawyer to make sure I was compensated for a mode themed around my day to day life, but this was a reversed role Horde mode (wocka wocka wocka). You start out being able to choose from Wretches, Tickers, and a Drone. From there, you can earn points to unlock different Locust like Maulers, Kantus, Boomers, and Berzerkers (what I like to call RAMPAGE mode). The Locust start out having to kill the stranded in the first wave with maybe a COG soldier here and there and as each wave progresses, there are more and more COG Heroes added to the mix. Each COG has a different weapon as did the Locust in Horde Mode. Cole carries the Boomshot. Baird carries the Torque Bow, and so on. The final wave isn’t to difficult as its Prescott with a ton of generic COG soldiers. Good times… good times.

Campaign/Story Mode

Pretty self explanitory. This picks up a little later than the end of Gears 2. You will now have the option to play 2 player co-op or build the team to 4 player co-op for a killer time with friends. Epic does a nice job of wrapping up several storylines in the game and we even get to find out the results of the “Save Carmine”/”Carmine Must Die” charity vote that took place in the beginning of the year. It was very cool to watch it all unfold and I’ll be going back through this a few more times for sure!

At the end of the day, this was the best release yet! It gets my stamp of approval! In closing, I can see only ONE possible storyline to continue the Gears of War story (won’t mention because it’s a possible spoiler), but I think there could be a fourth and FINAL LEVEL. If not that, then I’d maybe like to see a prequel “Pendulum Wars” edition that’s either a full campaign or multiplayer only game. I also think that this story would (if done right) translate well to the big screen. If this does happen, then I want to play the part of one of the Carmines LOL!

I’d love to hear your feedback and comments. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on twitter @_The_Chatterbox. Until next time…

Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)


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