Chatterbox Review: Xbox Kinect’s Hole In the Wall!

Hole in the Wall – Fun for the family? Or fun for 15 minutes? Let’s discuss this!

Welcome back to another edition of my Chatterbox Review. Today, I will be reviewing the Kinect adaptation of the popular TV show “Hole in the Wall”. There isn’t much to really say that you can’t already expect. There is a wall that comes out at you and you’re forced to make the pose or you lose. That’s pretty much the basis of the game. There are a few modes to play, but it all pretty much stays the same. The cost of this game is 800 MS points so it’s really a toss up. As simple as the game’s concept is, it has a fun multiplayer and can be a riot with a large group of people… and alcohol. I’m undecided on whether or not this get’s my seal of approval.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy this, but ABC’s Wipeout offers more variety in kinect useage.

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