Chatterbox Review: Rocklive Mike Tyson’s Main Event Pauly D add on!

Ever wanted to punch one of the cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore in the face? Here’s your chance!

Over the weekend, Rocklive sent Push notifications that they added an update to their version of the hybrid NES Mike Tyson’s Punchout/SNES Punchout that includes DJ Pauly D. as soon as I downloading it, I hit the ring to do some damage. Here’s my thoughts.

Pauly D was a free update for users who downloaded on Friday. From there, I’m not sure how much it costs, but it can’t be much. Since I’ve already and unloacked all of the fighters, Pauly D was next in line. Out of all the cast members though, he would be one I actually don’t mind. He seems pretty cool (aside from his Dick Tracy’s Flat-Top villain hair).

Round 1: Dj Pauly D is protected behind the turntable, enabling him to throw records at you to dodge. This is basically how the first round ends.

Round 2: It’s T-shirt time! Pauly D puts down the records and gets his battle on with you. Watch out for his super Macho Man-like punch. It lands quite a bit of the time. Work punches on both head and body after he misses.

Round 3: It’s time to go for broke. If you don’t knock him out or knock him down 3 times to win, then you automatically lose. Keep dodging his punches and work head and body shots. There you have it.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome addition to my ipod app… especially at the price of free. If you haven’t already, go and download it. It’s a decent time killer if you’re stuck in traffic, in the dentist/doctor’s office, etc. It definitely brings me back to the original NES days. Mike Tyson’s Punchout was one of our first and favorite games.

This one definately gets my seal of approval. I would say 2 “fist pumps” up. Be sure to follow me on twitter @_The_Chatterbox and follow on twitter @gamevain.

Graphically Yours,
The Chatterbox


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