Chatterbox Review: Call of Duty Rezurrection Map Pack!

Welcome to the Chatterbox Review! Today, I am giving my thoughts on the Rezurrection Map pack that was released earlier this week.

First and foremost, I would change the settings on your screen so that everything is a little lighter. This map was extremely dark when I first started playing and you couldn’t see the zombies until they were right on you.

This Zombie-Only map pack costs 1200 MS Points (which roughly translates to about 15 bucks), but is well worth it if you enjoy playing the Zombie mode. In this download, you get 4 maps that were playable on Call of Duty: World At War as well as an all new map that takes you to the moon to destroy some Zombies.

The Moon map is pretty outrageous and start you out on Earth only to be swarmed by zombies within minutes. You’ll need to find some way to transport yourself to the moon. As soon as you get to the moon, you start dying due to lack of oxygen. Lucky enough, you’re transported literally like 10 steps in front of the space suit you need to survive. From there you opperate like any Zombie mode, just a little slower and you jump alot higher. Having said that about jumping higher, you can’t actually jump over the Zombies, but I’m sure it’s very useful to escape quicker. For the first few rounds, we tested things out and got a feel for the map and surroundings. The graphics are pretty cool as well, so maybe take some time to enjoy the view (in between rounds of course).

The other 4 maps are classic from World at War that include Nacht Der Untoten(Factory), Verruckt(Asylum), Der Riese(Factory) and my personal favorite Shi No Numa(Swamp). All in all, if you’ve ever purchased a DLC (Downloadable Content) item on XBox Live (or the Playstation Network), then this is worth it as well. It definately enhances your game and will give you hours of enjoyment… or frustration. However you play!

In closing, you’re paying for 1 large zombie map and 4 classics that now enable you to trade in World at War, if you’re into that. This gets my seal of approval (I need my own little stamper thing). If you’re not already, follow me on twitter @_The_Chatterbox or @gamevain Enjoy!

Graphically Yours,
The Chatterbox


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