Nonsense and Facebook sometimes go hand in hand. Plus a BONUS rant!

Sometimes, I feel that nonsense and facebook go together better than Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Hello again! Chatterbox here with another entry. Today I want to go over aggravations that I’m subjected to almost every morning when I open my facebook news feed.

I get a little aggravated when I scroll through 15 of the same post that looks a little bit like this…

So they want to stick gruesome images on cigarette packs..??
Why not pictures of starving children on McDonald’s packaging..?
Why not tortured animals on cosmetics products..?
Why not put the photos of the victims of drunken drivers, on beer and wine bottles..?
Why not pictures of dishonest, thieving Politicians enjoying our money, on tax returns..?
Although 100% of you guys will agree..
I’ll Bet 99% of you do not copy it

My thoughts? We either have some angry smokers who are looking to fight back in posting this, or we have somebody who is really passionate about one of the examples posted (Starving Children, Drunk Driving, Animal Testing, or Dishonest Politicians). Either way, I’m slightly aggravated about the Politician one as well as McDonalds…

I completely understand that there are alot of dishonest politicians out there, but to ASSUME that all of them are that way would be the equivalent to me going into any BP Gas station last summer and start asking why they’re not working to clean up their oil spill. Does that make any sense at all?

McDonalds has been sentenced with the burden of our Nation’s obesity rather than starving children. We need to pick one or the other to label McDonalds, ok? We can’t do both. The truth of the matter is, McDonalds is a business that SELLS FOOD. They don’t hold people down and force them to eat their product. People CHOOSE to eat at McDonalds. I’ll never understand how somebody can tell themselves “I’m 360 lbs.! McDonalds is to blame for this because it certainly isn’t MY fault!”

Which brings me to my Bonus rant…

Nobody is accountable for anything these days. I should really leave it at that, but what fun would that be? We have people in our country that have been on unemployment/welfare on and off for the past 4 years (if not more) and it’s really a shame. Unemployment and Welfare was put into place as a way to help our own citizens in America. I do also realize that not EVERYBODY on these benefits are taking an unfair advantage of the programs, but there are many people (I’d say majority) that are. Usually when this topic is bought up, people get defensive and say “You don’t know what it’ like” which is true in many ways.  I DO NOT know what it is like to sit at home “looking for work” and getting paid. I’m sorry, but I could send my resume out and apply to 40 businesses daily before breakfast. That leaves the rest of the day for me to wait by the phone to hear back from somebody… oh wait! Phones are now 90% mobile? Heck yeah! Vacation! On the other side of things, I DO know that I have a responsibility to my family to exhaust every opportunity I have to help provide a stable environment for us to thrive in. Make sense?

Essentially, it’s not my place to tell you to go to work or go find a job. It will never be, but I DO NOT have to be subjected to all these excuses and reasons why you can’t go to work or look for a job. At the end of the day, if you can go to sleep feeling accomplished and satisfied, then more power to you. These are just my thoughts and opinions on the matter.

In closing, my reply to the facebook spammers who are constantly telling people to re-post or you don’t love me, you don’t believe in GOD, you don’t want kids with cancer to live, or you hate puppies…

I will not re-post your post. Its things like these I dislike the most. I will not post them on a plane. I will not post them on a train. I will not post them in a mall. I will not post them on my wall. I will not ask you to re-post my post. Because that’s what I dislike the most.

Do you want to know honestly how long it took me to come up with that? 1 minute! 😀 Until next time…

Save Room 4 Love,

Brad (The Chatterbox)


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